Where does the life of a Chef begin?

For me my passion started as a young child watching my mom cook amazing food in the kitchen.
My mom is the biggest inspiration on why I became a chef. I watched my mom take care of two kids- she dressed us, bathe us, and took us to school on top of working a full time job. It amazed me that she still found the time to be home on time to make dinner for the whole family.

Watching my mothers versatility made me curious of how a person that could be so busy and never complain, all while keeping her composure; still made food to put a smile on your face.

From that point at 5 years old I knew I wanted to cook… who would have thought I would have made it my life!



Date night
Get togethers


Family reunion
Business meeting


Open to any size group or event type


The Personal Chef Experience:

We cook the full meal in the comfort of your home, vacation home, hotel or rented venu. We make this an easy and enjoyable time for everyone.

Drop off meals:

This is a more cost effective option. Limited menu options ( menu includes items that travel and reheat well) The full meal cooked off site and dropped off to your location at your set time.


New World Chef,s Realm LLC


Service time is 4 hours. This covers cook time, eat time, and clean up. If time runs over 4 hours at the fault of guest, a fee of $25 per team member per extra hour will be charged to the guest. *If you are running late or need more time, please contact us to let us know so we can adjust.


We ask that we have space in the kitchen and all personal items are moved to one side. We also ask that the sink be free of dishes and table cleared of all personal items (if you would like the table set)


If a guest damages any property belonging to the catering team, the guest will be billed for the full price of the item to be replaced.


If more guests are to attend please let the catering team know ASAP. This will ensure that there is enough food. Depending on the menu adding a guest starts at $80 per person.


Once the menu is set you have 24 hours to make any needed changes. We understand that between the time of booking and the event date you may learn someone has an allergy. We can accommodate any allergy so long as notice is given 1 week in advance. Any request to change the menu must be done 72 hours before the event date and will face a fee of $100. To add an item to the menu once set will be charged a premium of $50 + the cost of the dish. *Any request made after 72 hour of the event date will not be honored.


We understand that things happen, and you may need to change the date of your event. If needing a date change, we need notice ASAP and must be done 3 weeks before your event date. If you need to cancel, you have till the end of the year to rebook. Your deposit is nonrefundable but will be applied to your rebooking.












*only for final payment

For Pal Pal you must release funds for your date to be locked in (if you do not know how to do this we can help)/ For all the name to appear is Chanel Van Fossan / Please put a memo “catering event deposit for (event date) and your name. " / Deposits are nonrefundable./ Final Payment is due the day before your event by 12:00pm (noon). A request for payment will be sent at 11:00am via the platform you made your deposit. If payment is not received your booking will be canceled.


Are there any allergies or dietary restrictions?
What are some menu items you're looking for?

To book its $250 deposit (inquiry fee will be applied)

*We work on a first come first serve. We do not hold dates. The deposit is what locks your date in

Massive group of 41 it was a pleasure everyone came up for second, third’s and fourth and still enough food for Everyone… Thank you @angelicterese for blessing us with this opportunity to serve you. Happy birthday again to your daughter. Thank you to @lets_try_it_chanel and @chefsebastiann for helping me. Y’all are the ones who got it done! Couldn’t have done it without you.

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When I look at this photo sometimes it looks like we’re praying 😂 but it’s just a focused mentality. A cook @chef_roberts_g that never got his respect in the kitchen no matter how much he cared and a server @lets_try_it_chanel that showed amazing above the bar hospitality and got no respect for it. What I’m saying we all came from somewhere. We asked God to help us and help blessed us. There’s more that goes into what we do than what meets the eyes. It was a lot and failures(lessons), tears, anger, arguments and a will to live a better life and create a brighter future for our daughter. Please believe me when I say I want everyone to succeed at what they do. No animosity here with us but just know it Takes dedication and hard work. There’s no way around. Be the best you!

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Birthday girl night out dinner? I got you.

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Amazing Week and I came prepared. Thank You @chefuniforms for getting me right. I appreciate you all… I love the chef coat. Comfortable and light. Definitely made to perform thank you all again.🙏🏿

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It’s Monday get up! Yesterday is not today. Do everything to the best of your ability. Do it for you and no one else. Show love and respect to one another but most of all pursue your dreams with no regrets. Let’s them see what you make of it… Enjoy your day

Veal Osso bucco^herb mash^ broccolini florettes^ Gremolata^ veal Ju.

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A beautiful Birthday 🥳 brunch for a special guest. It was a pleasure to do this brunch for you and your family… really was a blessing… you made us feel at home.

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Jumbo Maryland Crabcake Salad W/zesty remoulade dressing, fried capers, diced peppers. 🚨 secret @tonychacheres is always in my crab cakes

What do you think 🤔 would you eat this?

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It’s been a minute since you all seen the Cinematic Visuals. Brunch is my thing. I have a wide range of brunch delectables. These are just some of many.

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📖 Link In My Bio…
What an amazing step forward letting people know my story. First I want to say thank you to Orlando Voyager Magazine I appreciate you taking the time to publish my story. I also want to thank the people who have helped build this journey. You know who you are you have not been forgotten those talk and long days of preparation was all worth it.

Everyone knows me as Chef Roberts or Chef G but my real name is Gladstone Roberts and how I became the chef I am today! Check out the article and see how Chef Roberts came into play.

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Happy Monday everyone I’m back. Missed you all. November was one of my best months yet. Had a lot of events but also a lot of time to seriously reflect with my family be apart of birthdays fully for the first time and business and learning that there’s more to this game that meets the eye. I’m a growing process everyday but I willing to always get better. The main focus of being away was to really focus on the direction that I’m going and what is needed of me from a personal standpoint and a social media standpoint. So this will be my ultimate focus. It’s December and it’s time to finish strong.

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🚨 Hey Guys! 💫 End of the year promotion deals 🏷 … local to Orlando and surrounding areas…Drop off brunch Menus. This deal is for a limited time. Dm for more information… If you know someone #Share. You have a chance to taste Food By @chef_roberts_g get it while it last! 😎

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(407) 686-5884

CHANEL “Chefs Assistant”

(407) 686-6413


———————— Independent Chefs

———————— Dishwashers

———————— Wait staff/setup staff needed

Now accepting Chefs looking for mentorship

If interested send an email to


— Independent Chefs

— Dishwashers

— Wait staff/setup staff needed

Now accepting Chefs looking for mentorship

If interested send an email to